West Cumbria Motorsport Club

Notes of Annual General Meeting held on 16 February 2022 at Hundith Hill Hotel

Present: Ian Aitken, Peter Lister, Pearl Wilson, Richard Christensen, Geoff Bateman, Maggy Bateman, Stephen Dixon, Roger Fisher, Ann Forster

Apologies: Russell Grant, Richard Barnard

Minutes of last AGM: Read and agreed

Proposed: Stephen Seconded: Roger

Chairman’s Report: Ian Aitken

Firstly welcome and thank you all for coming.

We had our last AGM in November 2021 delayed from February 2020 due to no accounts being available or minutes of the previous meeting. Clearly that is not the situation today thanks to our new Treasurer Geoff and Secretary Maggy.

In 2021 the club, despite covid, ran a number of autotests, which Stephen will detail in his report, and two Greystoke forest events. The MSport Stages Rally, a two day event over the weekend of 3rd of July and our own Greystoke Stages rally moved to September, which Richard will report on later.

The club made a small loss in 2020 but our finances have improved in 2021 despite having very little income from new memberships which Geoff will go through in his report.

In short it was another good year for the club which would have not been possible without the efforts of Stephen and Russell for putting on the Autotests, and Irving for the results, of Richard and his team for putting on the Greystoke events and Roger for the magazine.

However it continues to concern me that only a handful of people, the same people, organise and run our events. Despite our best efforts we seem unable to generate any interest from within our younger members to step up and give a hand to drive the club forward in these changing times. I know lots of clubs are suffering the same problems but if we aren’t able to encourage more members to get involved in running events then I fear for our long term future.

I would like to formally thank the clubs committee’s and their members for all their efforts and hard work they have put in delivering the club another successful year. Thank you.

Proposed: Geoff Seconded: Stephen

Secretary’s Report: Maggy Bateman

I haven’t really got much to report because I only became Secretary in May 2021, and was officially elected at the 2021 AGM which was held late last November, due to Covid restrictions.

I have tried to return the Club to more structured meetings, and to represent the Club at the various local Associations it belongs to.

I also liaise where necessary with MSUK and deal with any queries that may come in via email to me.

Proposed: Ian Seconded: Roger

Treasurer’s Report: Geoff Bateman

2021 saw a limited return to Motorsport events following the losses of 2020 and the net result of this is that the 2021 accounts have once again shown a return to profit after the loss recorded in 2020.

The main club running accounts, Barclays, Paypal and the cash account ended the year with a increase from 2020 which was mainly due to event entry fees for our club autotests and rallytests as club memberships had been carried over for members who had paid in 2020. Expenses had been relatively modest with the largest item being MSUK permit fees.

The Greystoke accounts showed an annual increase of £x despite Greystoke stages making a loss of £x. Income from M-Sport stages of £x was the significant factor in the accounts showing a profit for 2021.

The financial statement from our accountants shows a final Net Profit for 2021 of £x.

Combined sales were £x from all our activities with the associated Cost of Sales of £x for all these activities which produced a Gross Profit of £x. There was a small amount of interest on the deposit account of £x. General expenses came to £x for the year.

Fixed assets reduced in value from £x to £x due to depreciation allowed for at 25%. Current assets increased from £x to £x.

Current liabilities remained about the same as 2020 as the increase in the EVMC share from Greystoke from £x to £x was offset by the reduction in trade creditors from £x to £x.

Nett assets increased from £x in 2020 to £x at the end of 2021 which resulted in a £x operating profit for 2021.

Financial statements from Armstrong Watson were handed round and it was agreed that Ian can sign off and send to Companies House.

Proposed: Peter Seconded: Maggy

Competion Secretary’s Report: Stephen Dixon

Unfortunately 2021 was another difficult year for the Motor Club with the Covid 19 pandemic locking the country down, until mid year, obviously leading to the cancellation of motor sport, including the Malcolm Wilson rally in March. As a result when motor sport restarted we managed to run five Autotests/Rallytests to be part of the Club Championship. In conjunction with Eden Valley Motor Club we ran the MSport stages in July, and the Greystoke Stages in September, both being held in Greystoke Forest. Sadly there were no 12 Car Rallies held, however the Club did hold a quite well supported Treasure Hunt in the Autumn.

Proposed: Ian Seconded: Roger

Notices and Resolutions: None

Nominations and Elections of Officers:



Proposed by:

Seconded by:

Club President

Malcolm Wilson
















Armstrong Watson











Club committee

All current members


Club Directors and Signatories

Directors to remain as at present.

Geoff shortly to be attending Barclays to confirm identity and will then be added as signatory.

Greystoke account to stay as is.

Cumberland account to be discussed at next Committee Meeting.

Greystoke: Richard Christensen

Greystoke Stages will be held Sunday 3 July with a format similar to last year – with similar road sections. The rally has also been entered in 4 Championships so that should attract more entries.

Richard to meet regarding updates to the rally website.


Geoff suggested that we join SD34 at a yearly cost of £30 which may gain us more entries to events, and allow club members to enter the relevant SD34 championships if they so wish.

Proposed by Roger and Seconded by Ian, with committee all agreeing – Geoff to progress.

Awards Night catering cheque not cashed – Pearl to contact

Ann handed cheque for Great North Air Ambulance from money raised at Awards Night

Website – discussion on the club website – to be raised at next months committee meeting when members have considered what they would like to see. As Richard is seeing someone about the Greystoke website he will also see if they are able to make suggestions also.