West Cumbria Motorsport Club


Minutes of meeting held on 3rd July 2017 at Hundith Hill Hotel, Cockermouth.


Present:- Richard Barnard, Russell Grant , Peter Lister, Pearl Wilson, and Ian Aitken


Apologies: Dave Culley, Kerryl Steel, Sam Steel, Stephen Dixon.


Matters Arising:  None


Treasurers Report:


CMSG/ANECC/ANWCC/SACC:  Nothing to report


Greystoke: All in hand. Entries currently stand at 55 with all reserves accommodated.


Correspondence: Wigton Motor Club have asked if we would to attend the Dalemain Show. Ian to advise Wigton that we will not be attending this time,


Membership 2017. - 78


Competition Secretary:  Secretary wasn’t present but was said that as we are going to run a 3rd round of the Cross Pennine Championship we should at October 8th for the date.


Events     9th July                               Greystoke Stages – All in order

16th July                             Cross Pennine Championship WCMC Rd – Russell Clerk of Course.

23 July                                Grass Autotest. Post meeting note. Event postponed following discussion with Steven.

29 July                                Cockermouth Show – Booking in hand. Richard and Ian organising

7th Aug                               Committee Meeting

14th Aug                             Grass Autotest – venue to be confirmed

3rd Sept                              Grass Autotest – Threlkeld Leyhs

4th Sept                              Committee Meeting

24th Sept           Tarmac Autotest


12 Car Entries.  Eden Valley and Spadeadam are happy to meet. Richard asked to arrange date time and place.


Blood Bikes Presentation. To be looked at again in August


Autotest Venues.  Ian reported he had met with Gordon Osbaldestin at Dunmail Park who said we could use the disused site opposite for autotests whenever we wanted.  All he needs is a satisfactory risk assessment and a copy of our indemnity insurance.


Autotest Results  It was agreed to still use radios to relay times to the person compiling the results to help speed up the end process, but still give competitors a time card for their records in case of a disputed time.

We also need to have easy access to the Cross Pennine Championship regs and results. Ian to speak to Steven & Ronnie Sandham


Paypal – Kerryl explained that we can use it but as a Business, rate of 3.4% plus 20p per transaction.  Kerryl to see the bank with regards to setting it up.


Rally Tests – Richard suggested we try and run an event in accordance with the Blue Book and try to give those who can’t afford rallying an event based along the lines of one. The event would be run on mixed surfaces and on a PCA Permit. And with a large 200x200 meter site we could run long tests where the passenger/ navigator could make a contribution. It would be a one off event initially with awards for Overall and class winners. Entry fee would therefore need to be at least £25.  Richard to draft regulation for next meeting and look at Dunmail park site to see if would be suitable. If so Ian to contact Dunmail Park with a view to book the October 22nd


Any Other Business


Autotest Venues – Land Owners

Peal asked if we were still providing venue land owners with some sort of “Thank You” gesture in recognition of their generosity and support. It was confirmed we are. She also said we should guard against wearing the welcome mat out with people.


Pie & Pea Supper

Pearl reported she had got a price of £10 per person for pie chips and peas from Hundith Hill. Matter to be discussed further at next meeting.