West Cumbria Motorsport Club


Minutes of Committee Meeting held on 4th July, 2016 at the Allerdale Court Hotel Cockermouth.


Present: -            Richard Barnard, Stephen Dixon, Kerryl Steel, Pearl Wilson,and Ian Aitken


Apologies: -       Dave Culley, Peter Lister, David Mitchinson, Russell Grant, Sam Steel, and Ryan Winthrop


Matters Arising: - None


Treasures Report: - 


CMSG/ANECC/ANWCC/SACC matters: - ANECC had invited us to their 4th of July quarterly meeting. Kerryl has sent our apologies.


Greystoke: -       A full entry list with some new WCMC names. Ian to ask Russell to check all are paid up members of the club.


Correspondence: -          None


Membership: -                                 Stands at 81.


Competition Secretary: - Steven still requires the results from Wigton’s last autotest at Beckermet.


Events:                                 10th July               Greystoke Stages – All arrangements in hand

18th July               Grass Autotest/Bannockburn. - Stephen to confirm with Chris Hunter and ask Peter to put info in July magazine. Gates open at 5pm with first car at 6.30pm

31th July               Grass Autotest  – In Mark Messengers field near Rose Hill, Russell to confirm

1st Aug                  Committee meeting

7th Aug                  Treasure Hunt. - Pearl organizing

8th Aug                  Grass Autotest – In Chris Hunters field - to be confirmed.

4th Sept                                Car Show at Eastmans ? – Richard to confirm venue is available to us.

5th Sept                Committee meeting

19th Sept              12 Car – Sam and Kerryl organising.

25th Sept              Sunday -Forward Facing Autotest – Kirkbride. Stephen to confirm is available to us.

3rd Oct                   Committee meeting

17th Oct                12 Car- ? Date clashes with Mull

23 Oct                   Sunday-Forward Facing Autotest

24th Oct                Pie and Pea Supper and Quiz – Sam organising


Club Website.  No issues.


ANECC web site. Website still down so no change


Club Nights


Battle of Bannockburn car trial/Autotest.  Now on be held on 18th of July.  Kerryl to re-arrange permit.


Club Banners/Display Stands Inventory.  Ian provided Richard the serial numbers of the clubs 6 radios. Richard asked to contact AS Designs for likely costs to make up some new signs.



Dalemain.  Invitation received with cut of date of 5th Aug for attendees. Russell to check if Ryan & Mitch would also be interested in attending.


Rally Sprint.  Richard reported that a Track License would not be necessary but all other requirements would be the same as a single venue stage event. To be discussed further.


Missing Awards.  One award has been located one is still missing.  Russell will to continue to see if he can locate it.


12 Car Competitor Vehicle Insurance. Following discussion it was agreed we would continue to offer this even though it costs us £15 if nobody takes it. The permit fee for a 12 car is also £23 so we need a minimum of 4 entries at £10 to avoid making a loss and should not run with less. Kerryl reported that a “season deal” with REIS is not practical.  


Autotest Competitors Numbers.  Richard has a quote of £5.25p each from AS Design for ones that will last 10 to 20 years. After discussion it was agreed Richard would order a set numbered 0 to 25 and 5 blank (no numbers)spares.


Car Show   Need to consider plans for the day and who will do what.


Autotest Tyre Pressures   It was agreed a minimum tyre pressure of 20psi should be introduced. Stephen asked to put in regulations for next event.


Autotest Championship. Richards proposals for a clubman Northern Autotest Championship were discussed. Richard asked to check what fees would be payable and Ian to contact Ronnie Sandham as it was suggested another club in the ANECC may be thinking of doing a similar thing.


MSA Grant.  It was agreed the £408 MSA grant money for the purchase of additional radios and Greystoke equipment should be split 50/50. Kerryl asked to transfer £204 to the Greystoke account.


Blood Bikes Charity. It was suggested we could possibly involve them at the Car Show or perhaps ask them give a talk on their work at the Christmas Party. Pearl asked to get their contact details.


Treasure Hunt.  Date now set for 7th Aug. from Hundith Hill starting from 5.30pm. Peter to be put in magazine and Kerryl asked to put details on our Facebook page.


Targa Stage.  The club has been asked by Barry Lindsay if we can run a stage on their targa rally near Brampton/Longtown on the 14th of Aug. Stephen agreed to run the stage and Ian said he would help.  


Christmas Cracker Run.  The Club to consider organising one that can be done in any vehicle with an entry fee to include say lunch and dinner. Minimum PR would be needed.


Club Displays.  Russell has the WCMC plaque from the Shepherds Hotel and Ian has all the pictures.  Need to consider if they can be displayed at the new venue.



 AOB - None