West Cumbria Motorsport Club


Minutes of meeting held 3rd October 2016at Allerdale Court Hotel, Cockermouth


Present: Peter Lister, Pearl Wilson, Russell Grant, Stephen Dixon and Richard Barnard


Apologies: Ian Aitken, Sam Steel, Kerryl Steel, Dave Culley, Ryan Winthrop and David Mitchinson


Matters Arising:  None


Treasurers Report:


CMSG/ANECC/ANWCC/SACC: Regards the Northern Autotest Championship, possible date of March for first event to run.


Greystoke: First meeting hadnt taken place, was due to be 2 days after October committee.


Correspondence: None


Membership: 93


Competition Secretary: No change from previous month


Events 10th October 12 car, no organiser as of end of meeting

23rd October Autotest - Dub Hall, Asby Peter organising

7th November Committee meeting

21st November 12 car, M Gilbey orgainising?

5th December Committee meeting

13th December Xmas Party, Conservative Club Cockermouth



Missing Award: Investigations still on going


Autotest Competitor Numbers:  Still being worked on


Blood Bike Charity: Looking to as for easter/spring time, maybe when the easter event is on.


Club Display at Hotel: Still to ask


Club Cards: Collection 5th October


Awards Night 2017: Now confirmed for 10th Febuary at Waverly in Workington.


Any Other Business


Stephen Asked Copleland Borough Council about possible venues, was in contact with the facilities management team and asked them to come along to an event with a view to showing them how their run etc etc.


Richard Trying to get Eastmands again for another Autotest and Devils Own Road Rally are requiring marshals, Martin Taylor to be contacted