West Cumbria Motorsport Club 2020 Calendar

As at 19th March 20


6th  Jan – Committee

18th  Jan (Sat) – Awards Night at Paul Benns

Jan – Possible Table top Rally

3rd Feb – Committee

9th Feb (Sun) – Tarmac Autotest

24th Feb AGM -

2nd Mar – Committee

14th Mar (Sat) – Malcolm Wilson Rally

15th Mar (Sun) – Tarmac Autotest

2nd  April – Committee

26th April (Sun) – Rally Test - Postponed due to Caronavirus

7th May – Committee Tuesday

17th May (Sun) – Autotest

4th  Jun - Committee

15th Jun (Mon) - Grass Autotest/Bannockburn ??

21st Jun (Sun) – Tarmac Autotest

2nd Jul – Committee

5th Jul – Greystoke Stages

19th Jul (Sun) – Rally Test

6th Aug - Committee

16th or 23rd  Aug (Sun) – Tarmac Autotest

3rd Sep – Committee

20th Sep (Sun) – Rally Test

1st Oct – Committee

25th Oct (Sun) – Rally Test

26th Oct – Pie and Pie Supper

15th Nov (Sun) – Autotest

5th Nov – Committee

16th Nov (Mon) – 12 Car?

23th Nov – Christmas Function

3rd Dec - Committee