Minutes of Meeting held 3rd February 2020 for West Cumbria Motorsport Club at Hundith Hill Hotel Cockermouth,


Present: Peter Lister, Ian Aitken, Roger Fisher, Russell Grant and Pearl Wilson.


Apologies: Stephen Dixon, Richard Barnard and Kerryl Steel.


Matters Arising: None


Treasurers Report:




Greystoke: Meeting 5th Feb at Penrith where a joint application between the 2 clubs will be made for the permit for the event.


Correspondence: None


Membership: 45


Competition Secretary: Final Championship results have been posted in Facebook and so far no complaints, Russell has list for trophies.


Events:          2nd March     Committee

                        14th March    Malcolm Wilson Rally

                        15th March    Tarmac Autotest at Dunmail

                        6th April         Committee

                        26th April       Rallytest


Radio Headset:       On going


Awards Night: Raffle made £180, £240 from the sale going to the Air Ambulance. Looking into more seating for next years night.


Autotest Charges: £20 for an Autotest now, Rallytest between £45-50


Juniors in Motorsport: A car has been donated which anyone of that age can work on it then use it in events, issues with insurance and guardianship to be looked into.



Any Other Business


Looking at other clubs magazine and how much content they have in it and asking how WCMC could increase the amount of content it has.