West Cumbria Motorsport Club

Minutes of Committee Meeting held on 7th of April 2015 at the Shepherd’s Hotel.

Present: -        Richard Barnard Steven Dixon, Pearl Wilson, Ian Aitken.

Apologies: -    Dave Culley, Russell Grant, Peter Lister, David Mitchinson, Kerryl Steel, Sam Steel, Ryan Winthrop.

Matters Arising: -

CMSG/ANECC/ANWCC/SACC matters: - Nothing to report

Greystoke: -    The next committee meeting is on the 15th of April.

Correspondence: -     None.

Membership: -           58.

Competition Secretary: -

 Events: -         7th April           Committee Meeting

12th April         Tarmac FF Autotest - Peter organising

5th May           Committee Meeting

17th May         Grass Autotest – Threlkeld Leys REVISED date. Peter organising

1st June           Committee Meeting

14th June         Battle of Bannockburn PCT - REVISED date. Chris Hunter and others organising.

5th July             Distington Vintage Rally

6th July             Committee Meeting

12th July          Greystoke Stages

27th July          Grass Autotest

1st Aug            Cockermouth Show

Club Website.   Steven to update championship results as at 1st of April. Ian to remove 2013 from “become a member” pages and update trade discount references. Pearl to ask if TMS will give members a discount and Richard kindly offered a discount from RAB Rallyesport.

CMSG.   Arrange date for a CMSG meeting. No further progress

ANECC web site. Our information is out of date. Sam asked to send our updated details to Ronnie Sandham again.

Annual Accounts.   The annual accounts were presented at the AGM on the 16th of March where it emerged that the clubs company articles needed to be updated. Ian to speak with Kerryl with a view to obtaining a draft set of revised articles for discussion at the next meeting. Revised articles then have to be presented to club members at a special general meeting for ratification to enable our accounts to be signed off and submitted to Companies House before the Sept 2015 deadline.  

First on Scene Training.  Thirty people attended Stuart Westbrook’s First on Scene Training session at M Sport on the 18th of March which was very well received. Stuart has offered to do further sessions later in the year should we wish it.

Club Videos.  Richard said he would video a 12 car later in the year.

Club Radios. Kerryl has applied to the MSA for our approved grant aid payment of £288 towards the cost of the 4 new radios.

Magazine.  Peter to ask Ryan if we have a backup disc for the format of the club magazine.

Club Nights

Chris Hunter has offered to run the Battle of Bannockburn car trial on the 14th of June with say results sandwiches and crack at the Duck and any other entertainment we can dream up! But would need help from other members of the club. Pearl to ask Willy Jarman if he could clear/improve the access road. Steven to sound out the Duck. Ian to ask Peter to put information in the next magazine and on face book. The matter to be discussed further at the next meeting.   


A quotation from Steve Bishop to upgrade the web site for E-commerce at a cost of £180 and the costs associated with the various payment options was discussed. Ian reported Greystoke on line entry payments are made directly by competitors into the Greystoke bank account.

Awards Night 2016

Russell has provisionally booked the 12th and 13th of Feb 2016 at the Waverley Hotel even though only 14 people attended this year. He will decide if it’s to be on the Friday or Saturday later in the year.

12 Car Issues

Richard asked to speak with Iain Tulley to seek his advice on how blanket cover insurance could be offered and at what cost to the club and competitors for 12 car events.


Autotest Numbers

In view of the recent low number of competitors taking part in our events it was suggested we need to do more to let people know about them. Richard suggested we should text everyone who had previously entered to let them know when events are on and would try it out, where we have their mobile numbers, for the 12th of April event. In addition we should always let other clubs know and put up our banners at events where ever possible. And if funds allowed buy and put up more than one.