West Cumbria Motorsport Club

Minutes of meeting held on 3rd April 2017 at Hundith Hill Hotel, Cockermouth.

Present: Richard Barnard, Russell Grant, Peter Lister, Kerryl Steel, Pearl Wilson, and Ian Aitken

Apologies: Dave Culley, Stephen Dixon, Sam Steel, Ryan Winthrop.

Matters Arising: None

Treasurers Report: £4838.34.

CMSG/ANECC/ANWCC/SACC: Kerryl reported she had received details of both ANECC & ANCC AGM’s and was asked to tender our apologies.

Greystoke: The next meeting is on the 12th of April. Ian reported he had applied to the MSA for a grant towards the cost of hazard /safety tape.

Correspondence: None

Membership 2017. - 71

Competition Secretary:
The second round of Cross-Pennine Autotest Championship at Siloth airfield ran 3 tests simultaneously, 18 in total, on a glorious day had 26 entries and was well received.

Events May Treasure Hunt – to be arranged at a later date
8 May Committee Meeting
22 May Autotest – At Moresby? – Peter and Richard organising.
5th June Committee Meeting
12 June(Mon) Grass Autotest – Banockburn? – To contact Chris Hunter
2nd July Distington Show – Russell paperwork, Richard show details
3 July Committee Meeting
9th July Greystoke Stages – Roger has everything in hand
23 July Grass Autotest
29 July Cockermouth Show – Sam/Kerryl to book stand

Missing Award: The Stage Navigator Cup. Russell has matters in hand

Future Autotest Venues. Richard reported the Walkers site in Cockermouth is not available. Peter reported the site he looked at in Workington is not practical.

Autotest Entries. It was agreed at the AGM we should look to have completed entry forms and money up front. Kerryl was asked to look into the possibility of us having a PayPal account for this.

12 Car Entries. All local clubs seem to be having difficulties getting 12 car entries. Richard suggested we should meet with local clubs say Eden Valley, Spadeadham and Wigton? to see if we could arrange some form of combined championship to boost interest and entry numbers and was asked to try to arrange a meeting with interested parties in say mid June.

Any Other Business

1. Blood Bikes Presentation. It was agreed this should be combined with say the Pie and Pea supper. Pearl asked to get a price from Hundith Hill for the supper.
2. Car Show 2017. It was suggested Ennerdale Brewery would be a good location in say Aug. Richard asked to discuss with brewery and get some prices.
3. Club Magazine. It was agreed the current arrangements for post or e-mail would remain and we would continue to send magazines until March of the following year but cease from April if they had not paid their subscription by then.
4. Club Subscriptions. Kerryl said she would research what other clubs were charging and report back at the next meeting.
5. Purchase of an Autotest Venue. It was suggested we should consider the possibility of purchasing a brown field site as an autotest venue. Following discussion Richard was asked to continue to press Eastmans for a purchase or long term rental cost for the area we had previously used. And Kerryl offered to make enquires and discuss our requirements with Local Authorities.
6. Display at Dunmail Park. It was agreed we should try for 25thof June, ahead of the Greystoke. Post meeting note. Provisional booking made subject to us providing a risk assessment statement and a copy of our indemnity insurance. Ian liaising with Kerryl
7. Dave Culley Photos. Dave has asked, and it was agreed, that we would indicate on our face book page that his photos are available to purchase from him should anyone wish to do so.
8. New Company Conformation Documentation. Kerryl reported she had received documents from Companies House regarding “Persons with Significant Control” within companies requiring a return by the end of April. Kerryl said she would consult work colleagues on the matter. Post meeting note. Kerryl has confirmed we are able to provide a nil response and has filed accordingly.
9. Cross Pennine Autotest Championship. The club has been asked if we would run another round of the championship, making 3 in total. It was agreed we had no objections in principle. Details to be discussed at next meeting.