West Cumbria Motorsport Club


Minutes of Committee Meeting held on 1st February, 2016 at the Shepherd’s Hotel.


Present: -            Richard Barnard Stephen Dixon, Peter Lister, Russell Grant , Kerryl Steel, Sam Steel, Pearl Wilson and Dave Culley,


Apologies: -       David Mitchinson and Ryan Winthrop and Ian Aitken


Matters Arising: - None


Treasures Report


CMSG/ANECC/ANWCC/SACC matters: - Nothing to report


Greystoke: -       Nothing to report


Correspondence: -          None.


Membership: -                 For 2016. 46, up on this time last year


Competition Secretary: -  Nothing to report



1st Feb                  Committee Meeting.

12th Feb                Awards Night - Waverly Hotel Workington.  Russell organising.

15th Feb                12 Car Rally – Richard to run

21st  Feb               Tarmac Autotest. Whiteheather at Kirkbride, Stephen running?

7th Mar                 Committee Meeting.

12th  Mar              Malcolm Wilson Rally

20th Mar               Tarmac Autotest  Venue TBA

21st Mar               AGM

30th  Mar              12 Car Rally - Sam and Kerryl to run.

4th Apr                 Committee Meeting

10th Apr                Autotest - Forward Facing

1st May                 Treasure Hunt - Pearl to organise

3rd May                 Committee Meeting

8th May                 Grass Autotest



Club Website.  Ian to put the 2016 calendar on the web site.   2016 dates now added


ANECC web site. Website still down so no change


Club Nights


Battle of Bannockburn car trial/Autotest.  Kerryl has spoken with the MSA, if everyone takes part in all formats then the clubs fine. Details wanted of tests,  regs, ect. If everyone wants to do  the fun bits then we have to go back to the MSA


Awards Night 2016.   Russell will do a raffle if 25+ attend


Club Banners/Display Stands.  Richard has the equipment plus 2 new stopwatches which have been purchased.

Autotest Venues.


Walkers Car Park.  Leaving for now


Moota. Possibly been bought, awaiting  new owners to get in touch.


Dalemain.  Ian has sent a email for WMC to discuss at their meeting


Rally Sprint/ Hill Climb. Both require track licences and various other requirements in accordance to the Blue Book, looking at a possible Rally sprint/sprint type event.


First Aid Training.  Dates of 16th March and 6th April have been booked with possible venue of M-Sport


MSA 2016 Seminars for Club Officials. - roger has nominated 3 from Greystoke to attend, clashes with Autotest


Any other business


Dave Culley - Asked if we are taking the photos from near the bar when Sheaperds Hotel closes.


Sam Steel -  Announced to the committee that he will be stepping as Club Secretary due to a busy year ahead, he was thanked for his time and effort in the role and Sam say he’ll stay on the Committee and still attend meetings.


Russell - Asked to find out why Keith and Jackie Richardson havent received a club mag for the whole of 2015.  


Meeting closed  20.40