West Cumbria Motorsport Club


Minutes of meeting held on 9th Jan 2017 at Hundith Hill Hotel, Cockermouth.


Present: Richard Barnard, Stephen Dixon, Russell Grant, Peter Lister, Pearl Wilson, and Ian Aitken


Apologies: Dave Culley, Kerryl Steel, Sam Steel, Ryan Winthrop and David Mitchinson


Matters Arising:  None


Treasurers Report:



Northern Autotest Championship.

The draw for who will host the Championship this year will be made at next ANECC meeting with regs available shortly after. Hartley pool will organise the first round on the 21st of March. We will host the second round on the 9th of April hopefully at Maryport. Stephen to speak with Steven Palmer


Greystoke: The next meeting is on the 15th of Feb. Permit applied for and regs in draft. Revised stage layouts being considered


Correspondence: None


Membership: In 2016 was 93.  2017 membership is 36 already.


Competition Secretary: Items covered under ANECC   


Events   22 Jan            Tarmac Autotest at Dub Hall – Stephen, Peter and Ian

              6 Feb Committee Meeting at Hundith Hill

              10 Feb           Awards Night – Russell organising

              19Feb            Tarmac Autotest at Maryport? – Peter organising

              22 Feb           12 Car – Andy Barnard organising. Note change of date as 15 Feb clashes with Greystoke meeting.

              6 March                    Committee Meeting

              11 March      Malcolm Wilson Rally – Ian going to meetings and will report.

              13 March      12 Car –back to Monday evening? Who will organise?

              20 March      AGM – To be held at Hundith Hill

              25/26 March            2 day Autotest Richard organising. Good progress so far.

              3 April                       Committee Meeting

              9 April                       Tarmac Autotest –

As 2nd round of Northern Autotest Chamopionship

Remainder of 2017 calendar in draft form is attached. Stephen to consider if any dates should change to best fit in with other area events for discussion at next meeting.


Missing Award: The Stage Navigator Cup is the only one still missing and Russell believes he may have located it.


Autotest Competitor Numbers: Richard said they would be available for the 22ndJan.


Club Display at Hotel: To consider later.


Awards Night 2017: 10th Febuary at Waverly in Workington. Menu and order form to go again in next magazine.

Stephen presented the final 2016 championship results. Russell to arrange purchase and engraving of awards. Richard to put results on Facebook ect to hopefully encourage award winners to attend and liaise with Russell regarding the Spirit of the Autotest Award.


Future Autotest Venues.  Stephen has asked Copleland Borough Council about possible venues, was in contact with the facilities management team and asked them to come along to an event with a view to showing them how their run etc etc. Richard Trying to get Eastmands again for another Autotest.


Any Other Business


Peter advised that his new mobile number is 07710404189


Web Site Some of the contact details on the web site are out of date and are in fields that can only be changed by the web designer. Peter asked to contact Steve Bishop and ask for updates to be made.