West Cumbria Motorsport Club

Minutes of meeting held on 5th June 2017 at Hundith Hill Hotel, Cockermouth.

Present: Peter Lister, Pearl Wilson, Richard Barnard, Russell Grant and Kerryl Steel

Apologies: Dave Culley, , Sam Steel, , Ian Aitken, Stephen Dixon.

Matters Arising: None

Treasurers Report:

CMSG/ANECC/ANWCC/SACC: Nothing to report

Greystoke: Entries opened Sunday 14th May 9am, was full with in 27 minutes and over 20 reserves

Correspondence: Air Ambulance lottery sent which was agreed to renew.

Membership 2017. - 77

Competition Secretary: Secretary wasn’t present but was said that as we are going to run a 3rd round of the Cross Pennine Championship we should at October 8th for the date.

Events 5th June Committee Meeting
12 June(Mon) Grass Autotest – Banockburn - Chris Hunter Organising
2nd July Distington Show – Paperwork sent, cars organised to go
3 July Committee Meeting
9th July Greystoke Stages – All in order
16th July Cross Pennine Championship WCMC Rd – Russell Clerk of Course
23 July Grass Autotest?
29 July Cockermouth Show – Booking in hand.
7th Aug Committee Meeting
14th Aug Autotest?
3rd Sept Autotest – Threlkeld Leyhs
4th Sept Committee Meeting
24th Sept Tarmac Autotest

Missing Award: Still no news, more help needed as to who won the award.

12 Car Entries. Eden Valley and Spadeadam happy to meet, date to be arranged

Blood Bikes Presentation. To be looked at again in August

Club Subscriptions. After hearing what other Clubs in the area charging it was decided to keep subscriptions as they are for 2018

Autotest Venues A Few possible venues have been mooted, one is opposite Dunmail Park which is being looked into.

Autotest Results Was agreed to still use radios to relay times to the person compiling the results to help speed up the end process, but still give competitors a time card for their records in case of a disputed time

Any Other Business

Paypal – Was explained that we can use it but as a Business, rate of 3.4% plus 20p per transaction. Kerryl to see the bank with regards to setting it up.

Rally Tests – Richard suggested we try and run an event in accordance with the Blue Book and try to give those who cant afford rallying an event based along the lines of one. Richard to speak with the land owner of Kirkbride and try and get the event on in Sept/Oct time with a possible date of October 22nd