West Cumbria Motorsport Club


Minutes of Committee Meeting held on 2nd March 2015 at the Shepherd’s Hotel.


Present: -        Richard Barnard, Dave Culley, Steven Dixon, Russell Grant, Peter Lister, David Mitchinson, Kerryl Steel, Sam Steel,  Pearl Wilson, Ryan Winthrop, Ian Aitken.

Apologies: -   

Matters Arising: -      


CMSG/ANECC/ANWCC/SACC matters: - Nothing to report


Greystoke: -    A permit for the event has been granted and the regs are ready for issue. The next committee meeting is on the 11th of March. The incorrectly engraved trophies were Malcolm Wilson Rally trophies and were returned to Ronnie Sandham.


Correspondence: -     Request for volunteers for the Pirelli rally on 25th of April. Information on Wigton “Drive it Day” starting in Penrith for the Stuart Turnbull fund. Update from Go-Motorsport. Sam to check all our future event dates are included.


Membership: -           49 paid up members. The same this time last year.


Competition Secretary: -      Nothing to report.


Events: -          7th March        Malcolm Wilson Rally

9th March        12 Car – Richard confirmed all arrangements are in hand and will speak to RLO.

16th March      AGM – At the Shepherds Hotel starting at 7.30pm

29th March    Tarmac FF Autotest – Russell/Peter organising

7th April           Committee Meeting

12th April         Tarmac FF Autotest - Russell/Peter organising

5th May           Committee Meeting

10th May         Grass Autotest – Threlkeld Leys

1st June           Committee Meeting

15th June         Grass Autotest – Venue to be confirmed


Club Website.   Ian to arrange training for Steven to edit and update the web site.


CMSG.   Arrange date for a CMSG meeting. No further progress.


ANECC web site. Our information is out of date. Sam to send our updated details to Ronnie Sandham again.


Annual Accounts.   All the necessary papers have been signed in order for Armstrong Watson to become our accountants. They will present our accounts at the AGM on the 16th of March.



First on Scene Training.  A date of the 18th of March has been agreed with Stuart Westbrook of EMMU. Pearl confirmed we can use M Sport as the venue. Peter has put information in magazine and Richard has put it on facebook. People asked to let Ian know if they plan to come to keep track on numbers attending. Only 11 people so far.


Club Videos.  Richard said he would video a 12 car later in the year. Ian to get Autotest video put back on web site.


Club Championships.  No adverse comments received on the proposed 2015 Championship regulations


Club Radios

Four new radios purchased, delivered and demonstrated to the committee. Kerryl to apply for our approved MSA grant aid payment of £288 towards the cost of the radios on club letter head paper supported by a paid invoice. The claim must be made by 2nd of April. Ian/ Irving to be custodians of the radios.


Magazine.  Peter to ask Ryan if we have a backup disc for the format of the club magazine.


Club Nights

Pearl suggested it would be nice if we could have a summer club event with a BBQ perhaps. Ian to speak with Chris Hunter to see if such could be incorporated into the Battle of Bannockburn car trial.



A quotation from Steve Bishop to upgrade the web site for E-commerce at a cost of £180 and the costs associated with the various payment options was discussed. Ian to find out how the Greystoke on line entry payments are made and report back for further discussion.


Awards Night 2016

Russell has provisionally booked the 12th and 13th of Feb 2016 at the Waverley Hotel even though only 14 people attended this year. He will decide if it’s to be on the Friday or Saturday later in the year.



12 Car Issues

  1. Russell pointed out that a number of people had taken part in recent 12 car events that had not paid their club membership at that time. It was therefore agreed that competitors would be asked to produce a valid club membership card at all events at signing on. Peter to point this out in magazine.

  2. Insurance issues. It’s up to each competitor to ensure they have adequate insurance to take part. Richard to speak with Iain Tulley to ask if blanket cover could be offered and at what cost to the club and competitors.

MSA Refund

Kerryl said she had received an MSA permit refund of £952.13p. After discussion it was agreed this would be transferred to the Greystoke account. Ian to advise Roger Fisher.